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Dheemahi Ayurveda Neelimangalam  –  Ayurveda  Centre that offers Personalized Authentic Ayurveda Treatment 

The wellness we assure you is the result of past 5 Generations

The Ayurveda we serve you is a result of knowledge sharing and transfer for the Past 5 Generations. At Dheemahi Ayurveda We understand the needs of your present time and provide the best solutions  by the traditional and authentic Ayurvedic methods


We assure you the authentic Kerala ayurvedic treatments.


Treatment programs will be personalized, designed by a team of expert doctors

Result Oriented

100% result oriented treatment programmes.

Dr. Jayakrishnan G B.A.M.S, M.D

With years of experience, although it is possible to heal most of the health concerns, we also understand that there are some which may not be suitable under our system. So when you choose Dheemahi, you are also getting our insights in healthcare to find if we are best for you or not.

Dheemahi is an initiative where we serve the best ayurveda wellness experience

We are one of among the best ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala, India

Unique and proven treatment programs will ensure you optimum results

Our team of Doctors analyze your health concerns and design personalized cure programs for you


Personalized Ayurveda Programs

From one of the best ayurvedic hospital in Kerala for panchakarma treatment

Metabolism correction

Correction of Agni-The digestive fire, as the first step towards balancing health


Includes Internal cleansing treatments along with external cleansing and rejuvenation program. m.


Detoxification and regeneration program for body and mind


Calm your senses and relax your muscles

Stress management

A total approach to achieve emotional balance

Weight management

Most natural solutions to your weight problems.

See all of our best ayurvedic treatment programs

Designed for the perfect harmony of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.

Enjoy the best ayurvedic wellness centre experience with us

All inclusive packages start at INR 2800/- per day

  • review rating 5  The experience at Dheemahi Ayurvedic Centre was exceptional. The treating Physicians Dr Jayakrishnan and Dr Namitha have been excellent in their approach and were very professional. Accommodation and food was very good as well. Special mention for the two therapist Arun and Shalin for your relentless work and selfless attitude and dedication to your work. You guys were great. Mr Sudheer's Yoga sessions were very beneficial and informative. In total it was a great experience. Thank you to the whole TEAM. God Bless.

    thumb Thomson Kottayadil

    review rating 5  It's a beautiful place Well equipped Peaceful and serene..where u can step away a bit from your daily life hustle and bustle .... rejuvenate.... At the same time you will get the best possible care from the doctors there Food is perfect Treatment is effective...as well as.. worthwhile Now its like a go to place whenever I'm in town It's where u can go get your yoga meditation fix too

    thumb lekshmi vijay

    review rating 5  Human body seeks restitutions from the day to day wear and tear and not to mention additional stress. In pursuit of one such amends to a stress filled life, hesitant yet some what determined I opted for 28 day’s program at Dheemahi. As I am writing this almost all of my health issues are either gone, under control while some are even non-existent. My body feels energized above all. I feel happy ! Dheemahi is a place of high convergences- a location where pristine nature meets treatments the time just stands still. [attached photographs ] The Location is a sanctum of nature with in the city. Being low fees being charged as and when compared with others, I was expecting myself to be subjected to a average service and facilities. But I was in for a pleasant surprise’s all thanks to the great team at Dheemahi. The team which made it all happen were obviously brilliantly trained and have vast knowledge. Above all they listen to you, they understand you to a point that you become almost predictable to them. Dr Jayakrishnan and Dr Namitha are gem of person, The more you stay more you understand that how a teamwork and brilliantly treatment focused Doctor they are. Therapists Shalin and Sarath were like an extension of my thoughts very friendly and well experienced. I was getting Ayurveda treated for the first time and boy I was confused but the entire team was supporting. Getting the treatment done alongside the cubicle commitments of office is tough. Dheemahi team did help me at all the while, I didn’t had to lose my work commitments during my entire stay. Summing it all up Dheemahi is a kind of place. If I now believe in the power of Ayurveda and its capacity to profoundly change one's wellness and health, this is largely due to Dheemahi. Thanks Dheemahi >

    thumb Spiro Noxious
  • review rating 5  Dheemahi exemplifies the phrase 'personalised service'. Right from the airport pick-up to the seeing-off for my departure, every step was overseen by someone from Dheemahi. The treatment is focused on the condition of your body and does not suggest extraneous massages just because it is expected or is done by other ayurveda centres. You may end up with one treatment per day if that is what your body can accept. The food is simple and healthy, cooked the traditional Malayali way. Rooms were small but adequate. Staff, invariably, were polite and cooperative, willing to stretch their limits to make you happy. Overall, a very happy stay and a great healing experience.

    thumb Mahuya Bhattacharya

    review rating 4  Treatments were very relaxing and good. Enjoyed the days here,I would like to Thank Dheemahi ayurvedic centre,Dr.Jayakrishanan ,Dr.Namita and all their staff for the wonderful care and treatment provided in their divine facility.Very nice place and organized with helpful stuff. ,Especially Revati and Bincy both are very well trained and polite therapists. Thank you.

    thumb Ashwini Patil

    review rating 5  Thanks for everything 😍 Doctor's are very good cared and good help for my disease. Vishnu are the best communicated person, and very helpful for everything 😍👍 All therapist are very knowledgeable and good cared, special sharathu is the best. Food and accommodation are, super . Andrew and roshi this 2 guys can do everything I need, thank you so much for your kindness and help 😍👍 Inshaa Allah, I will ready to go next. I really love for everything dheemahi ayurvedic center 😍 It's very recommended, those who looking for auravedic and rilative diseases. Once again thank you for the doctor's and all the staff 😍

    thumb Ahmed Abdullah
  • review rating 5  Hi I am Vinu and had my seven days quarantine in Dheemahi..... i can say that its the best place for a peaceful stay..... the ambiance of the place... facilities..... food and especially staff... i would like to thank Mr Sudish... for his pleasant nature.. Really nice place.. Vinu.

    thumb vinu vinu

    review rating 5  I was there for 1 week good place and facility Homely feeling and nice food staffs were courteous and Sudheesh who fetched me from airport and dropped me at home after the quarantine period.he was there at airport on time and were maintaining all protocols.He was there in the facility when u need 24 7 even helped to get in wifi which will be the main thing u need in quarantine Over all good place and easy to approach Plan to visit next time for the Ayurvedic treatments me and wife aiming for that

    thumb joseph george

    review rating 5  I have taken panchakarma treatment and stayed there more than 23 days. Dr.Jayakrishnan is very humble and genuine. Doctor is having team of good therapists. My therapists are Mr.Salin and Mr.Sarath who all are very good and takes care well. I recommend this clinic for panchakarma treatment.

    thumb Sasi Tharan

We believe the healing is a process which needs a trigger of Care and not just an intensive Ayurveda program. Our Doctors will walk you through this process by daily consultations. So that we will give you a very customized treatment program depending on your needs and responses. We ensure you the best ayurvedic treatment center experience with us

Dheemahi Ayurveda centre is recognized by Government of Kerala

The medicines we use comes from our own GMP certified herbal pharmacy.

One of the best ayurvedic hospital in kerala for classical panchakarma treatment

Daily yoga sessions of an expert yoga guru

All our attendants and therapists are certified as well as given in-house training by our Doctors to learn our way of therapies

In-house kitchen team serves the best authentic, healthy and fresh ayurvedic food

We offer you the best ayurvedic wellness centre experience

In house training sessions led by doctors on ayurveda lifestyle

Generations in service

Expert Doctors

All-inclusive Packages

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