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Dheemahi Ayurveda Neelimangalam  –  Ayurveda  Centre that offers Personalized Authentic Ayurveda Treatment 

The wellness we assure you is the result of past 5 Generations

The Ayurveda we serve you is a result of knowledge sharing and transfer for the Past 5 Generations. At Dheemahi Ayurveda We understand the needs of your present time and provide the best solutions  by the traditional and authentic Ayurvedic methods


We assure you the authentic Kerala ayurvedic treatments.


Treatment programs will be personalized, designed by a team of expert doctors

Result Oriented

100% result oriented treatment programmes.

Dr. Jayakrishnan G B.A.M.S, M.D

With years of experience, although it is possible to heal most of the health concerns, we also understand that there are some which may not be suitable under our system. So when you choose Dheemahi, you are also getting our insights in healthcare to find if we are best for you or not.

Dheemahi is an initiative where we serve the best ayurveda wellness experience

We are one of among the best ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala, India

Unique and proven treatment programs will ensure you optimum results

Our team of Doctors analyze your health concerns and design personalized cure programs for you


Personalized Ayurveda Programs

From one of the best ayurvedic hospital in Kerala for panchakarma treatment

Back pain Treatment

A potentially debilitating condition as back pain may have its causes in Musculoskeletal problems, neurological or a variety of reasons. Our method involves a precise diagnosis of the root cause and treating it. The ideal duration is three weeks program with a follow-up medication for 3-6 months.

Rejuvenation Program

A customised program for re-energising the mind and body. The program starts with a cleansing phase followed by a rejuvenation program. Panchakarma will be a part of this program. The ideal Duration is 2-3 weeks.

Classical Panchakarma Program

Highly effective and best Ayurveda treatment program, which requires a minimum duration of 4 weeks. The candidate has to follow the selection process through consultation. More details are in our blog.

Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Disease Treatment

At every stage of severity, our Arthritis program starts by correcting the Agni - The digestive fire. Modern approaches with steroids and painkillers are making things more complicated. We caution the patients from doing untimely self oil massages also, which will make things worse in Autoimmune conditions. Consult our Doctors for the correct approach.

Stress Management

Big or small, stress is affecting health more than anything else nowadays. Ayurveda believes in an inseparable relation between Mind and Body. For improving stress first thing we have to do is improve body fitness. Our Program combines Ayurveda Yoga and meditation to get out of this burden.

Obesity and Metabolism Correction

For a sustainable result, our program aims at finding the root cause and correcting it. The Weight loss program will involve a thorough detox and Classical panchakarma. The ideal Duration is three weeks to 6 weeks.

See all of our best ayurvedic treatment programs

Designed for the perfect harmony of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.

Enjoy the best ayurvedic wellness centre experience with us

All inclusive packages start at INR 2800/- per day

  • review rating 5  Hi I am Vinu and had my seven days quarantine in Dheemahi..... i can say that its the best place for a peaceful stay..... the ambiance of the place... facilities..... food and especially staff... i would like to thank Mr Sudish... for his pleasant nature.. Really nice place.. Vinu.

    thumb vinu vinu

    review rating 5  The treatment was excellent. Dr. Jayakrishnan was very knowledgeable and the staffs ver very polite and nice especially Mr. Shalin, Arun, Revathi, Rajalakshmi and Aswathi.


    review rating 5  I was at Dheemahi for a week. Apart from being treated effectively for issues relating to Depression, Anxiety etc., I had a consultation everyday with both the Doctors i.e., Dr. Jayakrishnan and Dr. Namitha (experts in their field). Shalin, the go to man at the Center - takes care of your food, your treatments and everything else under the sun. All in all - a wonderful experience! Must try!

    thumb Prashanth Shivadass
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend to visit here, qualified professionals, very good staffs , pleasant place and very good treatment 100 percent fine tuned neatness everywhere

    thumb Riyas Liyakkath

    review rating 5  Hi. I was in Dheemahi for 2 Weeks. I feel Very Comfortable and Good Ambience & The best Place of Treatments... The Staffs Very Friendly and Service is Homely. Thanks for Dr Jayakrishnan & Mr Sudheesh. Thanks, Abu.

    thumb Abu v babu

    review rating 5  Dheemahi Ayur clinic in Kottayam is a wonderful Ayurvedic healing centre with presence of well qualified doctors, Experienced therapist in Panchakarma, good accommodation facilities & patient specific availiblities of food. Daily consultation with doctors regarding improvement in health condition & careful selection of medicine specific to patient’s innate dosha is important feature of this healing centre. The centre is run by doctors & families with history of Ayurvedic practices since last five generations. The best thing is that many of the medicines are made by their own vaidyas as they don’t believe in qualities of other brands.I recommend any patient to choose this centre for Ayurvedic healing for any chronic diseases.I sincerely thank Dr Namitha, Dr Jayakrishna , the therapist Shalin, Sharat & Arun, Revati, Ashwati & cooks & Yoga teacher for their pleasant support.

    thumb Sanjeev Kumar
  • review rating 5  I have been to this Centre on March 2021. This centre is very genuine and caring. I went for a 14 day treatment and came out rejuvenated. My test report numbers are now going south which is a good indication. Doctors, therapists and the staff are very friendly and made me feel home. The treatment started after my consultation with the doctor and also after the review of the medical report. There is no one treatment that fits all. I didn't get charged anything extra for additional treatments. The therapist are God sent people who went to any extent to make sure that I'm treated with utmost care. The support staffs Cook, Yoga teacher, cleaning staffs etc were also very helpful. Food was tasty. Walking enthusiasts will find many narrow and quiet places for long walking. I would certainly recommend this Centre for anyone looking for an Ayurvedic treatment or take a break and rejuvenate themselves. I hope to go for longer days in the coming years. Absolutely worth for the money and time spent.

    thumb Ramesh Srinivasamurthy

    review rating 5  One of the best Ayurvedic treatment centre in central Kerala. Truly recommend.

    thumb R S

    review rating 5  It's very peaceful and quite place. The staffs are friendly, helpful and very co-operative . Meals were good. Overall its totally worth for the money and I recommend this place.

    thumb tibin tom

We believe the healing is a process which needs a trigger of Care and not just an intensive Ayurveda program. Our Doctors will walk you through this process by daily consultations. So that we will give you a very customized treatment program depending on your needs and responses. We ensure you the best ayurvedic treatment center experience with us

Dheemahi Ayurveda centre is recognized by Government of Kerala

The medicines we use comes from our own GMP certified herbal pharmacy.

One of the best ayurvedic hospital in kerala for classical panchakarma treatment

Daily yoga sessions of an expert yoga guru

All our attendants and therapists are certified as well as given in-house training by our Doctors to learn our way of therapies

In-house kitchen team serves the best authentic, healthy and fresh ayurvedic food

We offer you the best ayurvedic wellness centre experience

In house training sessions led by doctors on ayurveda lifestyle

Generations in service

Expert Doctors

All-inclusive Packages

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