Panchakarma Treatment for Rejuvenation and Detox in Kerala, India

One of the best ayurvedic hospital in Kerala for classical panchakarma treatment

One of the best ayurvedic hospital in kerala for classical panchakarma treatment

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Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

The 5 process treatment from the wisdom of Ayurveda for a rejuvenating detox from the land of Ayurveda- Kerala. The 5 processes in Panchakarma are

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Vasti
  • Nasyam
  • Raktamoksham or Snehavasti.

The 5th Process in Panchakarma differs in two schools of Ayurveda, Susruta school mentions it as Raktamoksham- Bloodletting and Charaka school mention it as Snehavasti- enema with oil.

Panchakarma is an answer to our lifestyle disorders like obesity and diabetes

Ayurveda had a dormant phase in the 20th century when the majority of health concerns were due to infectious diseases like Typhoid or Malaria that caused maximum casualties. During this time Ayurveda became as extinct like a spectator. Following that when lifestyle diseases- a term which was never thought about by modern medicine had been well discussed in Ayurveda thousands of years ago. And Panchakarma is a solution for that.

Panchakarma Infographic- dheemahi ayurveda

Panchakarma Treatment Procedure

Panchakarma has 3 stages

  1.  A stage of saturating the body with the oil called Snehana
  2. Then a stage of fomenting or sweatings called Swedana.
  3. Five staged Cleansing phase

That said a wise Ayurvedic Doctor nowadays even have to prepare the person starting from Snehana phase.

So as for that, a healthy digestion and circulation state need to attain before starting the 3 step process of Panchakarma. And that is a detox or cleaning phase.

Panchakarma has a cleansing or detox phase followed by rejuvenating detox. Panchakarma aims at cleansing the body in two ways.

  • Internal
  • External

Internal Panchakarma

The internal Panchakarma is aimed at a detox or cleansing the body, concentrating on the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and head through the only opening to head- nose.

External Panchakarma

The treatments included in external Panchakarma are mostly out of the thought treatments to cure the circulatory debris and water retention in the body. The swelling and inflammations in our body can be only accessed by external therapies of Panchakarma. These mostly have external applications of medicated herbal pastes, hot water baths with decoctions, massages or Abhyangam, Kizhis, Shirodhara, etc.

It totally depends on the health state and concerns of the patient, for the Panchakarma specialists to decide the course of personalized Panchakarma Treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Panchakarma Treatment?

Panchakarma has it’s cleansing or detox benefits followed by rejuvenation benefits.

Panchakarma in Kerala is practiced as a preventive and curative regime by the Aristocratic families of Kerala for centuries. It was possible only to a few, but now because of its popularity more and more centers are coming up with acceptable standards of Ayurvedic Hotel or Ayurvedic Resort or Ayurvedic centers or Ayurvedic hospital. People can choose whichever of the options depending upon the comfort zones required.

The benefits of Panchakarma can be

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social

The first results come at a physical level. The improvement in the body helps to improve the mental aspects of health.

When physical and mental aspects are good, it helps to have a good emotional state which will reflect an improvement in all levels of a person and it helps to build good social environment in and around the person.

Panchakarma treatment helps to improve positive energy around the person there by a good Aura to the person, So Panchakarma attains it’s higher benefits by going into the system in the safest physical way.

How Effective Panchakarma Treatment As a Cure For PCOS?

PCOS or PCOD is a spectrum of conditions associated with lifestyle and reproductive system of females.

Main symptoms that arise out of PCOS are

  • Multiple cystic ovaries
  • Excess Male hormones
  • Irregular periods

It has become so common among the current generation, particularly that it’s hard to find a person without some symptoms of PCOS.

Fortunately, there is an option Panchakarma for treatment of PCOS. Panchakarma normalises the movements within the body. In this way, panchakarma helps to get going the stagnations and a healthy system.

Panchakarma helps to reverse the PCOS taking down the root causes of PCOS. Unlike going for treatments like Facial hair removal or Fat reduction surgeries Panchakarma for PCOS is a healthy option for the cure of PCOS from the root cause.
The incidents of early menopause are getting very common and in our clinical experience, with Panchakarma, we are able to restart the early Menopause.

Thus Panchakarma, when done under a good Ayurvedic Doctor can cure PCOS and its associated problems.

Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala for Weight Loss

Panchakarma treatment for weight loss is to be done by understanding the individual’s body nature ( Prakruti and Dosha). The overweight or stage of Obesity can be due to multiple reasons.

The causes of Obesity can range from Lifestyle to Hormonal imbalances. A healthy person has to undergo the proper transformation of Food (Anna rasa) into all sorts of body elements.

In Obesity or weight gain, what really happens is the Fat content of the Food is retained more. Since the majority of the absorption- transformation and building of body elements are happening as fat only, there comes a deficiency of many other important body elements.

As a response to overcome these deficiencies, the person feels more and more craving for food. This becomes a cycle just to become more and more weight gain due to fat depositions.

The Panchakarma helps for weight loss, works in identifying the actual reason to help in the weight loss.

With the external preparatory therapies in Panchakarma like Dhanyamla Dhara, Abdomen massages, Udwartana (massage with powder), different treatments that involve steam baths, etc the sticky fat masses in the body is brought to the Gastro for elimination. It is the fundamental principle in Panchakarma. The Panchakarma is purificatory program. It cleanses the body inside out.

Best Panchakarma Treatment Centre in Kerala, India

Panchakarma comes from the wisdom of Ancient healing science- Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been evolving ever since with the fundaments that will stay until life exists.

But the Manuscripts of Ayurveda needs to be understood in its entirety in order to get the best out of it, for that only the Best Panchakarma Treatment Centre in Kerala, India can effectively translate the wisdom into a successful treatment.

The science survived in this part of the world in its purity because of the Families who offers Best Panchakarma treatment centre in Kerala.

Panchakarma detox therapies are set of hard to endure and undergo therapy regimen. It’s not for the faint-hearted. But this journey for health can be eased by the experience of a best panchakarma treatment centre in Kerala – the land of Authentic Ayurveda.

The best Panchakarma treatment centre in Kerala like ours offers

  • The experience of 5 Generations of Doctors
  • Well trained therapists
  • Healthy Ayurveda diet food
  • Herbal medicines made with GMP standard
  • Comfortable and hygienic living spaces
  • Yoga and meditation training

Dheemahi Ayurvedic centre a unit of Dheemahi Ayurvedic Pvt Ltd’s vision is to bring the benefit of Ayurveda into all the strata of people. By this, we offer the best of the Ayurveda in an affordable and with a stringent focus for Quality. And we aim to make this a health revolution.

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