Osteoarthritis – Ayurveda Treatment at Dheemahi

Osteoarthritis is the most common condition that affects joints especially weight-bearing joints like the Knee joint and hip joint. It is a degenerative condition that happens over a period of time due to various factors. This can be considered a wear and tear disease that can be prevented following Ayurveda principles. It can be identified by pain, swelling, tenderness, grating sensation during movement, and loss of flexibility.

Apart from the knee joint and hip joint, Osteoarthritis can affect intervertebral joints (Joints of the back) and small joints of fingers. Since the degenerative stages increase Vata and here affect the joints OA is categorized under Sandhigata Vata in Ayurveda.

Osteoarthritis Causes according to Ayurveda

In larger joints, there is a protective cushion of cartilage at the end which eases the movement of joints. With time and use, these cushions wear down making the movements in joints uneasy.  Osteoarthritis is considered a wear and tear disease. Degeneration of this cartilage causes friction between bones and later results in deterioration of entire connective tissue and nerves. It may result in inflammation of your entire joint.

There are certain risk factors that increase the risk of osteoarthritis.

  1. Age: older you are riskier you are.
  2. Obesity: increase in body weight causes more stress on your weight-bearing joints like knees and causes osteoarthritis. Along with this, fat deposition in joints causes inflammatory reactions in your joints.
  3. Sex: women are more prone to osteoarthritis than men.
  4. Joint injuries: sports injuries or accidental injuries that seemingly healed sometimes increase the risk of osteoarthritis. 
  5. Genetics: some people are more likely to develop osteoarthritis.
  6. Bone deformities: malformed bones and defective cartilage increases the risk of osteoarthritis.
  7. Other diseases: some diseases like diabetes, hemochromatosis( too much iron in the blood) act as a risk factors.

Osteoarthritis Treatment at Dheemahi

At DHEEMAHI we give utmost care for the proper diagnosis and severity of your disease once we come to a conclusion about the severity of your osteoarthritis we consider your KOSHTA ( digestive track) and if there is AMA (undigested waste inside your digestive tract) , DEEPANA and PACHANA dravyas are considered ideal for your condition.

General line of treatment for sandhigata vata is snehana ( oleation), snehana ( fomentation), samshodhana ( elimination therapy), basti ( enema) and vata hara oushadha( vata pacifying medicines). Regulating your ahara and vihara is also necessary for the complete cure of osteoarthritis.

Vata being the main dosha which is vitiated in sandhigata vata, snehana is an important therapy. Snehana can be administered either externally( abhyanga) or internally( snehapana).
Once snehana is done,the next procedure will be swedana, in ayurveda there are different methods of swedana as mentioned along with that the medication needed for your condition is also determined by our doctors.

Dhara with dhanyamla, different types of bandhana are also considered for your conditions. In certain conditions for the quick relief of pain agnikarma and rakthamosha is also taken into consideration.

Cure prospect for Osteoarthritis

Treatment of osteoarthritis is ayurveda focused on rejuvenation, regrowth and sometimes arresting the further progress of the disease. For the effective cure for your osteoarthritis there needs at least 28 days inhouse treatment. Treatment of OA is only completed with adoption of proper lifestyle changes also. It includes correcting your posture or adding certain foods to your daily diet. All the necessary corrections are advised by our doctors for your better recovery. DHEEMAHI provides you a comfortable stay and wisdom and practice of five generations of expert doctors.

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