PCOS / PCOD – Ayurveda Treatment at Dheemahi

PCOS is considered as the major cause of infertility in women. It is a hormonal disorder that affects the ovaries and causes small cysts on the outer edge. It usually affects women of reproductive age. It leads to Irregular or prolonged periods, an increase in androgen levels, Fluid collection in ovaries and failure to regularly release eggs, excessive facial hair growth, acne and obesity.

Ayurveda provides a complete solution for PCOD by considering both body and mind. For the cure of PCOD, a combination of lifestyle changes- both external and internal therapies using herbs, are used.

PCOS – PCOD Causes According to Ayurveda

The exact reason for PCOD Is unknown. PCOS is considered a lifestyle disorder. But certain factors that trigger PCOS are

  • Sedentary habits
  • Less exercise
  • High levels of insulin and Insulin resistance
  • Obesity and overweight
  • High levels of androgen
  • High level of stress
  • Irregular sleeping habit.

  Even Though obesity  is a leading cause for PCOS , it can occur in lean and moderately built women also.

PCOS – PCOD Treatment at Dheemahi

Treatment protocol depends on the prakriti [body constitution ] , chronicity and severity.
Pcos can be broadly categorised into 2 – obese PCOS and lean PCOS.

In obese pcos treatment will be more of apatarpana or weight reduction type.
A combination of diet, yoga and treatments which help in adipolysis and improving the body circulation will be aimed in the initial phase of treatment.
In lean PCOS , the treatment will be focused on correcting the hypothalamo pituitary axis which plays a crucial role in attaining a regular menstrual cycle.
Dheemahi provides you with comprehensive treatment for PCOS, considering both your mind and body.

As the first step of treatment for PCOS, the jataragni (digestive fire) of the patient is taken into consideration. If there is an AMA(undigested waste material), it should be removed by improving your digestive fire, for that internal medication is given considering your strength and condition.

Proper exercise considering both your mind and body is essential for PCOS treatment, for that yoga asanas are taken into consideration. Yoga asanas like Shalabhasana, Surya namaskara, Dhanurasaana are advised for the patient for a mindful cure for PCOD. As to begin, it’s advisable to start by going for regular walking.

Panchakarma treatment is an unavoidable treatment for effective detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. In PCOS, it helps in the proper evacuation of pent up impurities in the body. We at DHEEMAHI AYURVEDIC CENTER provide 28 days of in-house panchakarma and rejuvenation treatment.

Cure Prospect for PCOS

PCOS is the primary cause of infertility in women at their reproductive age. Proper body detoxification through panchakarma treatments, strengthening and revitalizing the reproductive system of females, reversal of hormonal imbalance and cure for obesity and insulin resistance is the key protocol for finding a solution for your PCOS.

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