Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatments

— Dr. Jyothi Gopinath B.A.M.S

In Ayurveda, our Acharyas have mentioned Rejuvenation Treatments and have been termed “Rasayana Chikitsa” in classic texts. 

Rasayana” is indeed defined as something that helps to” destroy old age and disease”. These Rasayana or Rejuvenation therapies focus on maintaining the normal functioning of tissue cells, which includes keeping the enzymes in these cells in their optimal state and thus, cells of the body are revitalised with Rasayana Chikitsa and Tranquility of mind is promoted. The nerves, as well as bones, are kept soft and soothing. This prevents ageing and frees the individual from any disease, even during an advanced age.

Importance and Benefits of Rejuvenation Therapies

The word Rasayana is a combination of two-word Sanskrit terms -” Rasa” means the essence of something, and” Ayanameans Pathways in the body through which the Rasa is transported. Rasayana Chikitsa in Ayurveda is a holistic approach to rejuvenation that aims to enhance skin health, strengthen body tissues, and promote longevity by optimising Ojas (primary vitality) and Sattva (mental clarity). By nurturing these vital elements, the body’s overall resistance and well-being are improved, contributing to a healthier and longer life. Usually, Rasayana Chikitsa starts after removing toxins from the body to get the best results. Thus, Panchakarma procedures play a vital role in removing toxins and returning the normalcy of Doshas ( tridosha).

Thus, Rejuvenation Treatments (Rasayana Chikitsa) include Panchakarma procedures along with massages (abhyanga), other external treatments, and internal medications for rejuvenation like Lehyas (lickables), Ghruthas (ghee) etc., that have been advised by physicians after analysing the condition of body is also equally important.

Ayurveda Rejuvenation Treatments Costs

Rasayana Chikitsa ( Rejuvenation Treatment ) includes various levels of therapies, including Panchakarma, internal medications and diet and lifestyle changes. Each of these procedures serves a specific purpose, and it is crucial to note that every treatment included doesn’t suit everyone; thus, a personalised approach is needed and takes into account an individual unique constitution and health needs for optimal results. Thus, only after a proper and careful analysis by certified Ayurveda Physicians can advise the line of treatment procedures for  Rejuvenation. And so, the cost of Rejuvenation Treatments varies from person to person due to the customised nature of treatment. Indeed, the overall cost of Rejuvenation treatment can vary depending on factors such as the specific procedures needed and the individual’s health condition. At Dheemahi Ayurvedic Centre, we provide a package involving treatments and medication. It’s important for those considering a Rejuvenation Treatment package to understand that these packages often include a comprehensive set of treatments and procedures aimed at detoxification and enhancing overall well-being.  

Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Diet for a Healthy Mind

These Rejuvenative treatments are designed to achieve mental tranquillity and improve one’s concentration beyond the physical being. In Ayurveda, our  Acharyas say that one aims to attain peace through the eight steps of training, which are:

1)Yama (Disciplined behaviour) 

2)Niyama (Self-Purification)

3)Asana (Bodily postures)

4) Pranayama (Control of breathing)

5) Pratyahara (Control of the senses)

6 Dharana (Fixing of the mind on a chosen object)

7) Dhyana (Meditation)

8) Samadhi (State of absolute tranquillity and well-being)

Our Acharyas says that Rejuvenation therapy is given in three forms-

  • Ahara ( Diet)
  • Oushada ( Medicines and Treatments)
  • Achara Rasayana ( Behavioural Therapies)

For better action of Rejuvenation Therapies, one has to undergo prior Purification Therapies like Panchakarmas for body and mind.

The mental attitude that follows in our daily life will hasten the action of a rejuvenating diet and medicines. And thus, our Acharyas have specially mentioned Achara Rasayana ( Behavioural Therapies), Rejuvenating Attitudes. That is:

  • Satyavadhi – Be truthful
  • Akrodha- Free from anger
  • Madhya Maithuna Nivrutham- Avoid alcohol and maintain celibacy.
  • Ahimsa- Avoid non-violence
  • Anaayasam– Avoid exhaustion.
  • Prashantha- Be calm and indulge in creative activities.
  • Priyavadhinam- Talking with Pleasing Words.
  • Japa- Following religious rites
  • Shoucha Param- Maintain Hygiene. 
  • Dheeram – SRegular practice of penance and meditation.
  • Nithya Anrshayasparam- avoid barbaric behaviour.
  • Nitya Karuna vedhinam- Compassionate.
  • Sama Jagarana Swapanam- Maintain regular periods of awakening and sleep.
  • Anahakretham- Free from ego
  • Shasth Achara- follow good conduct always
  • Asamkeernam- be open-minded
  • Aadhyathmam- love for spiritual knowledge.
  • Jithaatmanam – have self-control.

By following these behaviours and regimens, one can avoid excess stress and thus have control over the mind through which a happy mind will give seat to a happy soul and, thus, a younger, healthy will be our body. Along with these, following a healthy and nutritious diet is also important. Intake of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables and taking food at a proper time along with taking Rasayana medications ( rejuvenating medicines) is also needed after analysing the digestive fire and condition. Only an Ayurvedic  Physician can help one in this case. Thus, only through an authentic and professional approach are rejuvenation treatments planned, which have been provided in Dheemahi with the past five generations of authentic Knowledge and a well-equipped team of professionals and ensured quality medicines from our own pharmacy and preparations and thus ensuring the quality of treatment providing.

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