Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

Dr.Nikhil V B.A.M.S

Back pain is pain felt in the back of the body. It may be classified as neck pain (cervical), middle back pain (thoracic), lower back pain (lumbar) or tailbone pain (sacral) based on the segment affected. Typically the commonest area of back pain is the lower back and sometimes it spreads to the buttocks and thighs.

Low back pain is a condition affecting the lower region of the spine, which is the area between the lower edge of the ribs and buttocks. It is also called Lumbago. It is common nowadays in all age groups, it can occur due to bad sleep posture, stress, sprain twisting or bending and also due to the trauma of muscles, tendons and ligaments when you lift heavy weight or by any accidents.

In most people the pain usually develops by movements that involve lifting weights, twisting or bending. Ignoring signs gets the condition worsened. it may or may not cause difficulty in movements such as certain positions, leg raising, sitting or getting up. Pain radiating to the legs, a condition called sciatica, can also be associated with low back pain in certain cases.

Back Pain can be present always or be intermittent with pain located only to a certain point or with diffused / radiating to some area. Pain can be diffused,dull or sharp piercing

Reasons for Back Pain (Nidana)

  • Excessive intake of cold,dry lite foods.
  • Excessive sexual indulgence, exercises.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Muscle or ligament injuries or spasms .
  • Underlying inflammatory diseases like Ankylosing spondylitis, Arthritis etc.
  • Infectious – Urinary tract infections, abscesses.
  • Obesity or sudden weight gain.

Diseases Causing Back Pain

  • Spine tumor

Tumor or  abnormal growth of tissue within or surrounding the spinal cord and/or spinal column.

  • Kidney stones

 Kidney stones (also called renal calculi, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis)

With the depositions of minerals and salts hard stone like structure formed inside kidneys. 

  • Spondylolisthesis

It is a condition which occurs when one of your vertebral bones slips out of place onto the vertebra under it. 

  • Herniated Disc

Also called bulged, slipped or ruptured disc. It is a fragment of the intervertebral disc nucleus that is pushed out into the spinal canal through a tear or rupture in the outer covering. 

  • Sciatica

Sciatica is a symptom that shows pain going down the leg starting from the lower back. Broadly sciatica can either be because of inflammation of the sciatic nerve or because of the compression of the Sciatic nerve. According to Ayurveda, Sciatica is correlated with the disease Gridhrasi.

  • Spinal Stenosis

It is the narrowing of the spinal canal, which in turn causes the compression of the nerves into the legs. 

  • Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation or swelling of one or more joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, which typically worsen with age.

  • Scoliosis

Abnormal side-to-side curvature of the backbone is called scoliosis.

Infographics Back Pain Ayurvedic Treatment at Dheeemahi

Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain (Lakshana)

  • Increasing pain with lifting and bending.
  • Worsening pain when resting, sitting, or standing.
  • Back pain that comes and goes.
  • Stiffness in the morning when awakening and lessened back pain with activity.
  • Pain that radiates away from the back into the buttocks, leg, or hip.
  • Numbness or weakness in your legs or feet.

Chronic low back pain also affects the mental health of a person since the minor to severe pain can disturb their sleep cycle and day to day life. Which may lead to depression and anxiety disorders.

Red Flags of Back Pain ( Indicators of possible serious stage of disease )

  1.  Fever – infection
  2. Unexpected anal sphincter laxity – cauda equina syndrome.
  3. Perianal and perineal sensory loss – spinal cord compression.
  4. Major motor weakness – nerve root compression.
  5. Point tenderness to percussion – fracture or infection.
  6. weight loss – tumor or  infection.
  7. Night pain – tumor or  infection.

The early evaluation of red flags is an important part of primary care, and necessary steps to recovery should be taken.

Ayurvedic correlations of Back pain.

  • Sandhigata vata

Disease which affects the joints.

  • Greevagraham 

Stiffness on the back of neck . Which causes restricted neck movements.

  • Greevashoolam

The pain in the upper back region.

  • Katigraham

Stiffness of waist region or low back due to which the patient feels difficulty to move.

  • Katishoolam

Refers to the pain in the low back region.

  • Gridhrasi 

The condition which shows low back pain and pinning sensation, numbness radiating to one or both legs.

Pathogenesis (Samprapti )

According to Acharya Charaka,

Stage 1:  Consumption of Etiological factors

Stage 2: Aggravation of Doshas mainly Vata dosha

Stage 3: The aggravated Vata provokes the other two doshas that are pitta and kapha and are scattered into different parts of the body

Stage 4: Causes obstruction of Srothas (Channels)  and dries up the bodily tissue elements. 

Stage 5: Manifestation of various diseases affecting the whole body or a part of the body.

 Stage 6: Back pain

Ayurvedic Treatments to Cure Back Pain

Shamana Chikitsa (conservative management) and Shodhana Chikitsa ( purification treatment) treatments are advised.

We firstly focus on the correction of digestion and improve your metabolism through Shamana Chikitsa(Conservative management). Then Shodhana Chikitsa ( Purgation therapy) and followed by external Panchakarma treatment. While doing the treatments your symptoms will reduce and restrict the progression of the Disease. We can get permanent relief of all symptoms without any side effects.

Shamana Chikitsa (Conservative Management)

Internal medications

With the proper assessment of physical condition of each individual patient by experienced doctors, authentic ayurvedic formulations are prescribed. 

Which includes,

  • Kashaya   (Decoction)

Decoction obtained by boiling course powder or Dried Drugs .

  • Asava and Arishta (fermented preparations)

 Drugs will be mixed with the required amount of water and kept for a fermentation    process of 15 to 45 days with ( for Arishta) or without (for Asava)boiling)

  • Gulika     (Tablets)

Is a tablet form they are made by rolling medicinal pastes into balls and drying with use of drier

  • Choornam  (Powder) 

The drugs that are mentioned in Vatavyadi Chikitsa , take enough quantity of dried Drugs and are cleaned properly , and made into powder by grinding and filtering.

  • Ghrita  (Medicated Ghee)

Ghee is processed by the drugs that are suitable for the treatment.

Shodhana Chikitsa (Purification treatment)

Authentic and well planned panchakarma treatments along with correct administration of internal medications can cure low back pain effectively.

 Panchakarma treatments include,

  • Deepana, Pachana  (Improving digestive power)
  • Snehana     (Oil administration)
  • Swedana    ( Perspiration )
  • Virechana   (Purgation) 
  • Basti           (Enema)


Sneha means oily substances and the therapies or medications to give an unctuous or oily effect in the body is called Snehana.

It is done in two ways, internally by oral intake of medicated oily substances and externally by abhyanga.


Sweda means sweat.

therapies done using steam or heat for cleansing of the body through perspirations is called Swedana.

Swedana includes,

  • Pinda sweda (kizhi)
  • Kaya seka  (pizhichil,dhara etc.)
  • Drava sweda  (steam,nadi sweda)
  • Upanaha  (bandaging)

Abhyanga (oil application) and different kinds of steaming methods can improve the circulation and strengthen the back muscles.

These are the main pre-procedures of Panchakarma.


Is one among the panchakarma.  Ideal and best for elimination of pitta dosha.

Orally administered medicine  acts on internal physiology and expels the toxins and wastes occurs as the bowel passes multiple times.


Basti (enema) treatment is considered to be a prime treatment among the Panchakarma.

 In which the drugs are administered through the anal route.

Basti includes,

  • Kashaya basti
  • Sneha basti
  • Kati basti

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Back Pain 

According to Ayurveda ahara(food) is medicine. Eating proper food at the proper time will make you healthy. That’s why Diet Place has a key role in Ayurvedic treatment. As per  Ayurveda, 3 main factors of health and disease were Oushada (Drug), Ahara (Diet), Vihara (Conducts). And the physician advises diet on the basis of age, digestive power, constitution, habitat, season and disease, considering these factors. According to Ayurveda, a diet should possess 6 rasas (taste). They are sweet, sour, salt, astringent, bitter and pungent. Each of these rasas promotes nourishment of the body. 

Ayurveda has recognized that the body is an outcome of the food. Acharya Sushruta explains that the food which nourishes the heart and improves memory, strength, digestive power and longevity of life.

Moreover during medication ayurveda recommend some specific diet that which plays major role in prevention and management of a disease 

Pathya ahara defined as food that is suitable and protects the body tissue , helps in growth and development then control the vitiated condition was referred as Pathya ahara.

Apathya ahara is defined as food that is not beneficial to health.

Diet According to Disease

While you are taking Ayurvedic treatment you should follow a diet. As per ayurveda there food items that you should include in your meal – Pathya and Food items that you should avoid from your daily meal Apathya

Wholesome diet (Pathya)

  • Wheat,rice,Black gram
  • Drumstick,Brinjal,Garlic
  • Ghee,Milk ,Buttermilk
  • Sweet substances
  • Sour substances
  • Meat(Chicken,Mutton)

Unwholesome Diet (Apathya)

  • Bitter,Astringent and Pungent food.
  • Cold water
  • Cold food and Beverages.
  • Dryness causing foods.
  • Spinach,Cucumber,Dry vegetables
  • Dry meat



  • Natural sleep at night
  • Bathing with warm water
  • Taking steam
  • Having been exposed to early morning sun rays .
  • Application of oil over body


  • Excessive sexual activities 
  • Excessive exercises
  • Excessive awakening during night time.
  • Excessive stress/fear/irritation) 
  • Vega dharana (Forcible withholding of natural urges) 

The doctor prescribes medicine according to your health condition. The medicine that we prepare from our own pharmacy will be given to you. we will rectify your doubt about medicine intake.

Why Choose Ayurveda for Back Pain?

Back pain can occur due to local inflammation ,structural deformity,postures or even due to underlying serious health issues. So approaching back pain without professional knowledge will affect the person unfavorably.

Ayurveda has both internal medication and external therapies including panchakarma for the treatment of back pain.The combined way of approach always helps to give the condition a faster and longer relief for the patient. Depends upon the cause and stage of the disease treatment can be planned. Back pain occurred due to bad body postures, physical strain, mental stress, and structural deformity needs both internal and external support like Abhyanga, Vasti, Yoga and Pranayama. Which can only be given by authentic traditional qualified Ayurvedic practitioners.

Benefits of Treating Back Pain at Dheemahi  Ayurveda Village

We have a team of expert doctors for your consultation. Our first priority is patient health and wellness, so we follow up with your health concerns. 

Dheemahi Ayurveda is 100% result oriented with the knowledge of the past 5 generations,

Is an authentic and traditional Ayurveda Hospital.

With daily consultations we provide more reliability as by doing physical examinations, doctors can get more findings about the condition of the patient.

For chronic diseases – routine follow-up check-up is also an essential requirement which cannot be ignored.

In the case of therapies needed for the relief of the symptoms the supervision of a doctor is very much important.Dheemahi facilitates supervision of our doctors in every Panchakarma therapies  with exact documentation of your treatment schedule.

Mind serves equal importance as the body in attaining a healthy life.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere of Dheemahi ayurveda village which also has a major role to cure the disease. 

Also the spacious Garden and living rooms support your peaceful stay and healing process.

We have our own pharmacy and medicine manufacturing unit – through this, we can provide you with authentic medicines, and we can assure you to get cures. Our team of professionals help you to achieve a complete state of health and vitality, by giving you a daily routine of food and lifestyle.


The ignorance to mild discomfort and pain ,with time can cause serious issues affecting day to day life and work.Early care and understanding of the situation is very important to avoid unfavorable lifestyle and food.With proper care and timely treatment back pain can be managed.

Get your online medical consultation with an expert doctor before booking.

The unique approach involves a series of discussion during your initial decision-making process to make sure that we will be able to match your expectations with our treatment. Based on the discussions with you our team of expert doctors will design the best treatment package personalized for your needs.

How our booking process works


Medical Questionnaire

Fill our Medical Questionnaire, after that we will get back to you via email/phone.


Discussion with Doctor

Discuss your health condition and expectations with our doctor.


Important Information

Carefully read all the important information.




Confirm the booking by making a payment of 50% advance.

Dheemahi Ayurveda centre is recognized by Government of Kerala

The medicines we use comes from our own GMP certified herbal pharmacy.

One of the best ayurvedic hospital in kerala for classical panchakarma treatment

Daily yoga sessions of an expert yoga guru

All our attendants and therapists are certified as well as given in-house training by our Doctors to learn our way of therapies

In-house kitchen team serves the best authentic, healthy and fresh ayurvedic food

We offer you the best ayurvedic wellness centre experience

In house training sessions led by doctors on ayurveda lifestyle

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